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From West to East

... through dense traffic in Western Europe and across the vast expanses of Eastern Europe, we offer superior and secure freight transport – from Paris to Ashgabat, from Casablanca to Beijing. We know every border crossing point, speak the national language and are intimately familiar with the situation on the ground.

How can that be? It's simple – over time we have allied ourselves with professionals in the countries along our routes, establishing long-standing partnerships. This combination of regional know-how and international competency makes our day-to-day work noticeably easier. That saves time and, of course, money.

We have worked to develop logistics services and contributed know-how in many eastern countries. Regional economic growth is making these new markets ever more interesting, and consequently they take our entire focus.

Comprehensive networks need strong partners: we are a founding member of the air freight partnership Future and the sea freight associations Group ’99 and Global Container Group. Together with our partners CargoLine (groupage services) and ELVIS (part and full loads), we take on all road cargo services.

"People call us ‘the East specialist’ – that makes us very proud.“